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Recent News

Sep 10 2021
Prof. Wei Cai’s group at the Department of Mechanical Engineering has an opening for graduate student research assistant/rotation in the area of dislocation dynamics simulations in the presence of hydrogen.  To apply please send an email to Prof. Wei Cai <> with a CV.
Sep 4 2020
Yikai receives the 2019-2020 Juan C. Simo Thesis Award by the Mechanics and Computations Division at the Mechanical Engineering Department at Stanford. His PhD thesis is titled "Elastomers for Stretchable Electronics: from Molecular Structure to Mechanical Properties.”  Congratulations to Yikai!
May 23 2019
Ryan Sills accepted an offer to join the Materials Science and Engineering Department of Rutgers University as an assistant professor, starting in Sept, 2019.  Congratulations to Ryan!
Oct 26 2017 | IPAM at UCLA | Posted In: Faculty
Wei recently gives a presentation at ELWS2 Workshop with the theme of "Stochastic Sampling and Accelerated Time Dynamics on Multidimensional Surfaces”.  The title of his presentation is Atomistic Modeling of Thermally Activated Processes for Crystal Dislocations . Check the following link for the...
Apr 10 2017 | Taylor & Francis Online | Posted In: Students
Dr. Ryan Sills, a former Ph.D. student in our group, has won the James Clerk Maxwell Writers Prize for 2016.  The Editors of Philosophical Magazine and Philosophical Magazine Letters recently announced, in partnership with the James Clerk Maxwell Foundation, the award of a prize: The James Clerk...